Jan 5, 2011

Quick Draw: Reading Environment

What is your favorite reading environment? Not the place you get to read the most (that would be my bed) but the one that you would prefer to read in all the time if you could.

Is it a hammock under a clear blue sky in the summer?

Is it on you front porch in the spring?

Is it in your comfy chair by a crackling fire?

My favorite (mostly because it is the most private) is in a bubble bath. I have a big soaker tub and I create the perfect environment by burning this kind of candle and having George Winston playing in the background (whatever one fits the season, currently it is Winter into Spring). To really top it off I might have some sort of chocolate to munch on as well (peanut butter M & M's anyone?).

What about you--what is your favorite environment to read?


  1. what a great question! If I had a front porch (which I want one so badly), that's where I would read all the time.

  2. Ah, great question. I would choose to sit in my favorite recliner with my fur blanket up to my chin and a beverage close by. *sigh* :-)

  3. I generally read in bed but the place I get the most reading done is the bath. Kiss my face brand bubbles, quiet time at it's best. My kids know not to disturb this space. I love your idea of a little chocolate close by to snack on. Seriously, I come out all prune-y but happy.