Dec 8, 2010

Review: Spray by Harry Edge

4 very good peanut butter blossoms.

Cover Love: I adore this cover! Understated but specific to the book. (I actually have seen two different covers, but this is my favorite)

Why I Wanted To Read This Book: To be honest when I read the synopsis I expected it to be more of an action-y type story, with someone taking the game too far and actually killing their targets, but it wasn't like that at all. Here's the synopsis from Macmillian:
A group of teens sign up for an assassination game on the streets of a big city. Their weapons: pressurized water guns. It’s meant to be a game, a sport. But for some, it’s more than harmless fun. To win, they’ll useany means necessary.Two hundred players. Three weeks of tense cat-and-mouse action. Every stalker is being stalked and only one player will be left standing. No one will be the same.Through multiple points of view, Harry Edge puts readers right in the middle of the action—watch your back!

I Kept Reading Because:
I wanted to see who won!

Romance?: There was a very sweet romance started during the game.

What I Liked And Didn't:
I loved that it was told from different points of view. The chapters were short and the book moved along really quickly.

I really liked the twist at the end.

I liked that the book could have taken place in any city and although it was never really stated it sounds like it takes place in the future, but a possible near future. There were just little hints to this during the course of the book.

And I thought it was interesting that one of my favorite characters lost some of his luster by the end. And some that I had kind of written off raised above everything to become more of my favorites later!

I loved how although this game was just played for fun, most of the people had something to lose or gain by playing.

What I Would Like To See:
I don't think this is going to be a series and to be honest, it shouldn't be. I think it ended at a really good spot and tied up the loose ends really well.

To Sum Up:
I really enjoyed this read and it would be an easy sell to middle grade readers. How much fun would a game like this be to play?! Fun to imagine anyway.

Book requested and received from Feiwel & Friends (Thanks Ksenia!).

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  1. Hmmm...I haven't seen this one. Now I want to! You are not good for my TBR list. LOL.