Dec 10, 2010

Books For Christmas: Star Wars Head to Head

A few years ago I bought my sons two sets of Star Wars playing cards--one that featured all the villians of the Star Wars universe and one that features all the heroes. They quickly figured out that they should be playing war, heroes vs. villians. You have no idea how many arguments I had to settle about who would win the fight. Some were easy, so were not easy at all.

So imagine all my geeky excitement when I found this book at my library's Scholastic book fair this fall. It will solve all the problems! This has all the imaginery match-ups you can imagine. It is totally awesome and I can't wait to hear the squeals of delight when Max opens it up. Of course, there will be debates about whether so and so would really win, but there is a lot of good info about each character in there.

If you have a Star Wars lover in your life run get this book for them! And enjoy this video about raising up the proper Star Wars fan!

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