Nov 1, 2010

The Walking Dead Wrap-Up

Did any of you watch The Walking Dead last night. I was pretty certain I would have nightmares from watching it, but I went ahead anyway! Here are my thoughts:

Poor Rick: I really liked how when Rick woke up everything had already happened. Some of the zombie movies show us the disease first happening. I liked discovering it with Rick. And I LOVED Andrew Lincoln!

The Zombies: They were so well done! They were kind of a combination between fast and slow and smart (when the mom was turning the doorknob) and nobody there. The whole scene with the mom on the porch really made me realize why Tom (in Rot & Ruin) does what he does! Why would you want the shell of someone you love out roaming around?!

There does seem to be more going on with these zombies than your normal brain dead ones. A few of these seemed to have a bit of intelligence anyway.

And GROSS...lots of gross images to see. It was nice to see they affected Rick like they affected me.

So sad!! The scene with Morgan and his wife made me cry. Rick killing the crawling zombie also made me so sad.

I realize that Rick had a lot of information to process but don't you think that if you were approaching a city and there were no cars in the lanes heading into the city but tons of cars in the lanes heading out of the city that something might be amiss in that city? Of course, we had the benefit of knowing there was something wrong and he didn't. Because I loved him so much I will cut him some slack.

The tank scene might give me nightmares.

Cliffhanger: I am definitely coming back for me! A great start to a TV series based on graphic novels. Well done AMC!


  1. Nope. I missed that one. I was too busy watching the World Series and basketball (Golden State Warriors got CREAMED by the Lakers).

  2. Yes, it was excellent. I was afraid I would not be able to watch it, my stomach usually cannot handle any amount of gore. I thought that the gore was minimal compared to what I was bracing for and while my stomach wasn't happy I was mostly able to look away and miss the worst. The whole thing was so engrossing that I was spellbound from the minute it came on until each commercial break and then hooked again. Although I am itching to know what caused all of this I agree with you that discovering it with the main character was an excellent approach. His kindness for the crawling zombie woman was touching and said a lot for his character - though I don't think much of his wife at the moment! I felt bad for the father and son, in fact I felt a lot of things I wasn't expecting for feel for a simple zombie show! It was deeper than I thought it would be and very much about the living rather than the dead. Very good show and I am definately watching again! I just won't eat first!