Nov 2, 2010

Tween Tuesday: Misty Gordon and the Mystery of the Ghost Pirates by Kim Kennedy

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Cover Love & Why I Wanted to Read This:
I love the cover! After I got the book I found out the cover and the pictures were done by Greg Call, who lives in my town and did the Peter & The Starcatchers books as well. The cover was very intriguing and it is why I wanted to read the book! Here's the synposis from Good Reads:

Things in the New England town of Ashcrumb are getting weird. Or just weirder. Misty Gordon, whose antique-dealing parents drive a van that says “D.E.A.D.” on the side (for “Deceased’s Estate and Antique Dealer”), is accustomed to weird.

One day, when accompanying her father to the estate of a recently departed clairvoyant, Misty discovers a notebook and a pair of eyeglasses that enable her to see ghosts! And solve mysteries. With the help of her new powers and her best friend, Yoshi, Misty learns that her hometown was settled not by respectable colonists but by pirates! And the ghosts of the pirates are returning to reclaim a dangerous, powerful treasure they lost centuries ago. Who will find it first, Misty or the pirates?

I Kept Reading Because: The mystery was a good one. There was just enough for me to follow and keep me interested.

Romance?: Nope, but a good best friendship between Misty and Yoshi.

What I Liked (& Didn't):
I loved the setting of this book! New England in the fall (Halloween no less). It is a perfect setting for a mystery involving ghosts.

I liked that Misty and Yoshi were working together to solve the mystery. Misty didn't try to keep things to herself and I was glad. It always bothers me when young detectives hide what is going on--they should go out and get help, whether it is another grown up or just someone their own age.

It was a good mystery for Misty to solve, figuring out about the "descendants" and the pirates. I enjoyed figuring it out along with Misty.

The antique shop and her family's business is a good setting for more mysteries if this becomes a series. I also liked that there was a friendly ghost to help Misty out!

What I Would Like To See:
I want Misty to have more spunk! For most of the book I felt like the circumstances were just happening to her. I hope if there is another book she takes more control the mystery!

I would like to see another book about Misty. Kid are always asking for mysteries--we need more of them for middle grade readers.

To Sum Up:
I will be buying this for my library and recommending it when students ask for a good mystery! Enjoyable for middle grade readers.

Book received from Laura at Amulet. Thanks Laura!!


  1. Sounds interesting! I like seeing books without romance occasionally. It's refreshing. The cover looks very cute. Do you think boys would be turned off from this book since girls are the characters?

  2. The cover really is awesome! I love it! I'll have to check this one out. You are not good for my TBR pile, Jana. :-)

  3. This one is in my TBR pile-it sounds fun! But I agree-I like my girls with spunk!