Nov 19, 2010

Video Friday: Computer Says...

This is what I love: when a students comes to me looking for a book and they say, "The computer says it's in..."
Well, let's take a look at what the computer actually says...maybe it's in at another school, maybe you actually have to look at the call number then look at the shelf for the book with a matching call number, or maybe it's just been turned in and is on a cart waiting to be shelved (I will give them the last one because the cart is normally behind the counter). I am ranting a bit, but mostly it doesn't bother me when they need my help finding a book, I just hate when they say, "the computer says..." It always reminds me of this "lady" from Little Britain (I tried to find one of her working in a library but there wasn't one. There was a different library sketch that is equally as funny though).

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