Nov 9, 2010

Tween Tuesday: Bring on the Laughs!

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What is it about Dairy of a Wimpy Kid that makes them so popular?
Humor, pictures, humor, easy reading, a dubious main character...all of these?

Whatever it is these books appeal to so many kids! Boys, girls, younger, older, all of them. They are so much fun to read and it is so much fun to hand one of these books to a kid who has been anxiously waiting it's arrival.

I am running to the store at lunch to buy five copies for my library. I have many students on my hold list and once the others know it is available more will come.

I am not reviewing it today because my own copy will be ripped out of my hands as soon as my sons see it. The only problem will be who gets to read it first?!

Edited: I am adding this after I went and picked up five copies for my library. I have read two pages and have already laughed out loud. I love that Greg isn't sure the kid that pulls his pants all the way down when he pees could be his best friend because he's not sure he could get over that. How many of us find those little things that drive us nuts about a person and let it nag at us? Greg is so normal!

Fun fact: about two years ago when I posted very sporadically to this blog I wrote this post about how the publishing of the third book in the Wimpy Kid series was published without a blurb from most book blogs (now I realize that is mostly because most book blogs focus more on YA rather than MG). Anyway, Betsy Bird of Fuse #8 linked to it on her blog that day. I read that while sitting at my desk eating lunch and just about spit it out all over my desk. It was a weird thing.


  1. Scott is just beside himself - he can't wait for our copy to get here! :-)

  2. I can't wait for this one! the hold list at my library is HUGE!!!

  3. So cool. I love the Wimpy Kid books. My dad actually was the one who recommended them to me.

  4. That is the truth. Kids really just go bananas for Diary of a Wimpy Kid! And Fuse #8!!! You are basically a celebrity!!!!