Nov 5, 2010

Most Hated Literary Characters

This list (the 50 most hated characters in literature) was a lot of fun to read. I read through it and here is the one I agree with most (I haven't read most of them):

Dolores Umbridge--I just hated her so much that it has affected my ability to re-read that book.

Who is your most hated literary character?


  1. My students absolutely HATED Underground Man in Dostoevsky's Notes From Underground. They didn't like that he never changed and held onto his bitterness. I ended up switching that book with Chekhov's The Seagull, which the students do like. That play is all about how to be an artist (Or not)

  2. Simon Legree, the evil slave owner who killed Tom, from Uncle Tom's Cabin. HATE him!

    He better be on that list. I'm off to check! :-)

  3. I really hate Severus Snape-he just rubs me the wrong way. I also agree with Umbridge!

  4. I can't currently think of a literary character I hated, I have been overly annoyed by some, but never to the point that I couldn't pick the book back up and re-read.

    I was not a fan of Dolores Umbridge, but I felt that made me enjoy the novel that much more. After all, you were never meant to love all characters.

  5. Karen Brewer: Hahahahahaha! And how did Beth March make the list? I always just kind of felt sorry for her... And ending the list with Satan? Oh, that just made me laugh out loud. This is a great list!