Oct 8, 2010

Zombie Week Invitation

I have decided to have a ZOMBIE WEEK (Oct. 25-29) here on my blog. I am reading a few new zombie books and will have an awesome giveaway (Rot & Ruin, Shaun of the Dead, Forest of Teeth and Hands, and a few other surprises). This is all in anticipation of the premiere of the TV series The Walking Dead on AMC. I am so excited for this show!

Would you like to join me in celebrating Zombie week? Maybe a review on a zombie book or a zombie giveaway? Let me know with either an email (janawarnell (at) hotmail (dot) com) or a comment below. I would love to have lots of bloggers join me!

Meanwhile, to whet your appetite for zombies, check out the trailer for The Walking Dead:


  1. I think I'll leave the zombie posts to you, but I'll definitely enjoy reading them!! (and maybe even winning one) :-)

  2. So funny-I've never, ever read a zombie book but I'll read your reviews!

  3. I want to see this show too but my son said that sometimes he can hear the tv after he goes to bed and he is really really really really afraid of zombies so I don't know that I'm going to get the chance! And with his serious (and I do mean serious) zombie phobia you can imagine few zombie books pass through our hands. In fact, the last one that did was Pride and Prejudice and Zombies - which was okay but the trailer was better than the book, I thought.

  4. Susan:

    I had just done a spooky themed display in front of my library and had PP&Z on display. The counselor had to come and ask me if I would take it out because a few kids told her the cover gave them nightmares. I took it out and told her that at least kids were noticing the display! It made me laugh.

  5. Love it! This makes me want to re-read S.G. Browne's 'Breathers'...enjoy :)