Oct 11, 2010

Books Someone Really Wanted You To Read...That You Just Didn't Like

Last week I asked the question, "what books have you really wanted others to read that they just didn't like?"

This week I am wondering: Are there any books that you have been badgered to read by a friend that when you picked up, you just didn't like it.

I always love it when you don't like something that someone else really likes. When you tell them you just didn't love it like they do, they try and talk you into it. That always cracks me up, human nature I suppose.

So, let me know...has this happened to you? With what book?


  1. Um...does it say I get to have the Magnificent 12?! Woo-hoo!!! Is that the copy I'm currently borrowing? Ha ha. :-)

  2. My son loves The Trumpet of the Swan. I am always recommending books to him he doesn't want to read and ends up liking so I agreed to read this one. Ugh. I barely slogged through it! I ended up telling him I loved it because he seemed so crestfallen when I started to say I wasn't overly fond of it. But I am always trying to get him to try books and usually he likes them but when he doesn't I think I always say something like: Are you kidding me? It was a great book? Did you read it right?

  3. My mother always tried to get me to love Nancy Drew. I liked the books, but just didn't love them like she did.
    Alison Can Read

  4. I realize I'm in the minority on this one, but White Oleander...my friend was dying for me to read it and when I finally did I hated it! I felt so badly telling her afterwards.

    The only other was pretty recent...The Art of Racing in the Rain...not a fan :\