Oct 5, 2010

Tween Tuesday: The Mummy, the Will and the Crypt by John Bellairs

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3.5 chocolate chip cookies.

Cover Love: I love this cover because it was done by Edward Gorey. He was an author/illustrator and his illustrations are always very spooky/gothic looking. Good stuff. However, the updated cover is very creepy as well:

Why I Wanted to Read This Book: I loved John Bellairs books when I was younger. My favorite being The Letter, the Witch and the Ring. We didn't have that in my library so I read this one. Plus, they are always creepy books and I wanted something scary to kick off October.

I Kept Reading Because: These books are quick reads and always have a good mystery. It kept my interest and held up to my memories!

Romance?: Nope!

What I Liked (& Didn't): John Bellairs novels always seem to take place in the fall, and in small towns. Both are two settings I always love.

There is also always an underdogg-ish type character, and normally an adult that they can count on. And there is always a mystery involving something supernatural. This book had all of these same elements.

This book "starred" Johnny Dixon who eventually was featured in 12 books by Bellairs. Johnny lives with his grandparents because his mother is dead and his father is flying a plane in the Korean War. His best friend is Professor Childermass a childless, grumpy man who lives across the street. Together they get caught up in trying to find the missing will of a wealthy man.

The mystery was fun for Johnny to solve, but I didn't really connect all the pieces for it to come together for me. The supernatural factor was spooky and kind of different from other supernatural stuff kids read in books today.

To Sum Up: A good creepy story with a very gothic feel. Pass along to any tween reader looking for something scary this October. (Any of John Bellairs books fit this category and from what I remember The House With a Clock in it's Walls was the scariest one of his I read)

Book checked out from my middle school library.


  1. Do you think this one is too difficult for Scott? If so, it might be a fun read aloud for us. :-)

  2. This series sounds wonderful and creepy...wish they would work for my elementary students...they are always on the search for creepy!

  3. I actually had a lit more of them in my elementary school. A lot of my kids read them!