Oct 6, 2010

Books That You Love That Others Just Don't

Remember that book you loved that you were just sure that EVERYONE would love? Then you finally talk someone into reading it and they just don't love it? Sometimes they don't even finish it? And you think, how can I even be friends with someone who doesn't love this book?

For me it's The Knife of Never Letting Go. I loved that book. The plot was unique, the actiono was fast paced and the writing was amazing. But, so many people who I recommended that to just did not love it. Sigh. Another one was The Underneath. Loved that book. Not everyone does. Or Lips Touch: Three Times, oh, what a good book. My friend who read it, didn't even finish it!! What?!

What about you, what book do you LOVE that others just don't?


  1. Oh, Jana! I am a shameless pusher of The Underneath - love, love, loved it! I can't believe it hasn't been a more widespread hit. It's so beautifully written and original and emotional and riveting and....

  2. When You Reach Me. I loved that book! but I've found that not as many people do!