Jul 29, 2010

Razorbill: I LOVE You!

Razorbill is a division of the Penguin group. They have published a lot of great books that I have read. I even got a few ARCs from them this past spring (including The Replacement which I will be reviewing on my Searching for a Good Read blog next week). But, while roaming my local bookstore the other day I found this:

Since I am always one to be on the lookout for a book that might interest my own boys, I bought it. I left it sitting on our kitchen table until I found the time to share with them. I didn't even have to wait because Max (my youngest son at 10 years old) picked it up and started reading it right there. He even took it in the car with him when we ran errands. That never happens in my household unless I am the one carrying the book in the car (which I usually am). I was thrilled! He even read for an hour later in the day. It just makes me happy. I will have him review it for you when he is finished!


  1. I can't wait to read his review! The cover is awesome!

  2. Okay - now I MUST get that book for Scott. Did they have two copies? LOL. :-)