Jul 29, 2010

Questions, Questions & More Questions

Do you feel you have to post everyday?

What do you do when nothing comes to mind?

I feel I should post everyday, but there are a lot of times that I don't have something in mind. A few of the younger bloggers I follow have said they have their posts planned out through August. I know I couldn't do that because if I plan something, I will end up changing my mind (kinda like when I plan what to read) or something else will come up.

I have started keeping notes on ideas and subjects to post and that helps. But it also makes me see how very behind I am on reviews!

The nice thing is that it's my blog, and I can run it how I want, the downfall is that I do want people to keep coming and keep commenting. It's a never-ending cycle!! (But it's a fun ride)

Quick Draw Results: Peanut Butter!! That wasn't even a choice but that was everyone seemed to like that one the best.


  1. I don't have trouble of thinking of things to write about but I do have trouble taking the time to write. Time is the issue...I'd like to find a way to post more freely without taking two hours to write a review.

  2. I do feel guilty if I don't post something every day. For a while I did take notes about different things I wanted to post about, but I haven't been that organized in a while. I also can't plan my posts too far out because I often will change my mind. Mostly what I post on is what I have just finished reading. If I haven't written about it within a few days of reading it, I don't usually want to blog about it anymore.

    Sorry for bringing up the peanut butter M&Ms! I didn't mean to throw off your poll :)

  3. I feel like a lot of bloggers recommend posting everyday to keep readers interested, but as a blog reader, blogs that post every day just overwhelm my Google Reader and take forever to get through.

    I am perfectly fine with blogs that only post a few times a week, and that is what I tend to do more often than anything else. Maybe that's why my follower number is what it is. :oP