Jul 28, 2010

Ellen Potter Week!

I have had my book blog for a few years, but was never really that active, nor promoted my self until this year. I pretty much started posting on a regular basis in January. Ellen Potter was one of the first authors who made a comment on my blog. Can you even imagine my excitement to see a comment from an author on a post I made about her? In my mind, she can now do no wrong! So, this next week I am going to focus on three of her books I have in my TBR pile: Pish Posh, Slob and The Kneebone Boy. It's always fun to have a theme week!


  1. How cool! I love these covers :)

  2. I know what you mean, Jana. I get all twitterpated whenever an author comments on my blog. You should have seen me the first time James Dashner left a comment!! :-)

  3. The first time Shannon?! There's been more than one? Excellent!