Jan 28, 2010

Here's What Happens...

I always pretty much have my next book picked out. Right now I am reading books for a blog tour, and I have, you know, 30 checked out from the public library. Or I might have a theme for the month so I can focus on something specific, like reading only from my school library's collection. Then I will follow a link from another blog to something that catches my eye.

So yesterday I am reading Fuse #8 and follow a link to a blog post by Ellen Potter about the cover of her upcoming book (really cool cover, makes me want to read it right away). Then my brain thinks, "Ellen Potter, I wonder what else she has written." Turns out she has written quite a few books, including Slob, a book I bought for my library this fall. I decide I should probably flip through Slob since it has been on my to-read list for awhile. Turns out that someone has it checked out. So, I turn to my public library and see that she has also written a series of books about a little girl named Olivia Kidney, and the first one is in! These look like good books to add to my library collection, but I feel like I should probably read the first one to see if I like them. So I run over during my lunch hour to pick it up.

I start reading it while sitting at a stoplight on my way back to school. And, the other three books I am reading get pushed aside when I get home from school so that I can finish Olivia, which I did at 11:30 last night (an hour after I should have been falling asleep). But, I am glad I did because I really enjoyed it and will be ordering the series for my library along with Pish-Posh, another book by Eleen that looks just right for my collection.

Although I am super tired, I am also thrilled that I found a "new" author whose books I can already see several of the students in my school reading. And I finished another book on my middle grade challenge! (I will "review" Olivia Kidney in a later post).

And that is why I can never plan out what I am going to read!


  1. Your post made me smile! I'm so glad you enjoyed Olivia Kidney. I miss writing about her . . . I never knew what was going to happen next in her crazy world. Great blog, by the way!
    Ellen Potter

  2. That's pretty much why I can't plan my next book ever. I start something and then another book just pushes it's way in.