Jan 26, 2010

Tween Tuesday: Airborn Series

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This week was hard because I didn't have any great new Tween lit to share. I finally settled on a series that I read this summer that I LOVED, but I would put the age level for these books at 11-14, so just barely tween. I don't have these in my own library, but a few of the other elementary librarians in my district do so I feel good in sharing these. The website says stories for young adults, but I would put them firmly in the middle grades.

Airborn is a series set in an alternate reality where airships are still being used as the main form of transportaion. The alternate reality was a tad confusing because there was a lot of realism also. It's like it was set in the victorian time, but could have been a more recent time. It did not distract me from the story however.

The first book, Airborn, is the story of Matt Cruse a cabin boy aboard the Aurora, a luxury airship. He loves being in the sky and dreams of one day being a captain of his own airship. But he is young and poor and his chances of getting such an opportunity are not very good. He meets up with Kate, who is searching for a mysterious animal written about in her grandfather's journals.

Matt and Kate maintain their relationship through all three books and of course by the third book most readers are hoping for a romance.

This is one of those series that I had heard such good things about and checked out several times but never was interested in getting it started. So, last summer I checked out the audiobook, and fell in love. Matt is such a good character and the story was quick paced with a lot of adventure. I finished it quickly and checked out the second book on audio. By the third I just checked out the book so I could finish Matt and Kate's story even faster.

I recommend these to boys who like adventure and like to stretch their imagination. But, with the romance between Kate and Matt, tween girls would find these very satisfying books as well.

Check out this post I did last summer to see book trailers for Airborn and Skybreaker (the second book in the series).


  1. I really want to read this series! We have the audiobook at my library and I noticed it's a Full Cast Audio one, and I've enjoyed their other audiobooks. I'll have to check it out. Thanks for the motivation!:)

  2. Thanks for a new suggestion for boy readers!!

  3. I just finished the audio and I LOVED it. :) Great review!