Jul 15, 2010

Book Bloggers Are Nice People!

I am so loving having this blog and all the people I meet. I go to most everyone's blog that I follow at least once a day and if you are a follower of mine and you have a blog I try and become a follower of yours!

I just love seeing comments from JuJu at Tales of Whimsy--she is awesome. I am sure she follows a ton of blogs and she always seems to find time to comment--and respond to comments on her blog. That is just so wonderful.

Jenn at From The Mixed Up Files of Jennifer Bertman was so sweet in a comment she left on my blog: "I found your blog via BBAW and I'm really enjoying it. Your reviews are great! I feel like I'm hearing from a friend about their recent reads, which is my most preferred way of hearing about books."

I loved that because review books is not my strong point so I appreciate knowing that they appeal so some!

I love the book blogging community and am so happy with my little part of it. I can take or leave having more followers or getting more books, because I just love my little corner. I will always have online friends and I will always have great books to read.

Just wanted to send a little love to all of you and have a great day!!


  1. Ahhhhhhhhh
    *group hug*
    Thank you for mentioning me.
    I do follow tons of blogs, but I love you gals and love passing out the positive love :)
    *more hugs*

  2. The feeling is mutual!I feel the same way--book bloggers are by far the nicest people in the world (after librarians!).

  3. Isn't Juju fabulous! She's definitely one of my favorites among a sea of incredible book bloggers. It's my absolute favorite part of having my review blog. I just love the book blogging community. I've had other blogs and nothing compares to this...everyone is just amazing!