Jul 5, 2010


I decided I wanted to participate in Book Blogger Appreciation Week, so I registered my blog. To do so, I had to pick FIVE posts that highlight the niche I registered myself in (kidlit). Here are the five I chose (three have to be reviews, two can be my choice)

1)Book Review: Chaos Walking Trilogy.
2)Puppy Love (Tween Romances in Books)
3)Food From Fiction: Blondies (The Penderwicks)
4)Mini Reviews: Trip Reading
5)Book Review (Tween Tuesday): The Underneath

If you want to register your blog you have until July 7th to do so! There is also a part on the form for registering your favorite books of the past year. That was too overwhelming for me so I only nominated a few of them. Maybe you can do a better job!


  1. I'm so glad you decided to jump in with BBAW! It's such a fantastic way to find new like minded bloggers and I'm so happy to have found your site. I absolutely love the idea of combining Milk & Cookies with books, it's definitely the perfect combo. Good luck with BBAW!

  2. I found your blog via BBAW and I'm really enjoying it. Your reviews are great! I feel like I'm hearing from a friend about their recent reads, which is my most preferred way of hearing about books.

  3. Great to find your through BBAW! I enjoyed reading your post submissions...especially the tween posts! We really need more books for those readers! Thanks for highlighting them here!