Apr 16, 2010

Food From Fiction: The Penderwicks (Blondies)

I think I am going to start a new feature on my blog...maybe once a week, maybe less. Every now and again don't you read about food or cooking in a book and want to immediately run to the kitchen and start baking? I do and since this blog is named "Milk & Cookies" and is all about books that you love reading (much like dunking hot cookies in cold milk), I am going to throw in some cooking!

In The Penderwicks on Gardam Street by Jeanne Birdsall Rosalind does quite a bit of baking. She makes a Pineapple Upside Down Cake in the first chapter and later on she makes Blondies. I LOVE Blondies--which are basically butterscotch brownies. After reading about Rosalind baking Blondies I had to find a good recipe to make because I started craving them. Here's the one I found.

These are so good and butterscotchy. I don't make them often because most of my family does not love butterscotch and I find myself eating WAY too many of them. Before I settled on the above recipe as the one I go to the most, I also tried this one from Bakerella. The brownies on these weren't as good as above, but the butterscotch ganache made me weak in the knees!

So there you have it. Whenever I read The Penderwicks I make Blondies, or whenever I want something butterscotchy. Thanks Rosalind!


  1. Now my mouth is watering, and I am running to the pantry to see if I have some of these ingredients. Thanks for the inspiration (and for contributing to my growing waistline, hehe). ;)

  2. ok, Finally, I am checking out this pag... I love this one of your blogs. I think I almost like it more than your other. So I've added it my daily lists... cool.

  3. Yummy! What a fun post idea - you're so creative. :-)

  4. I love reading a good fiction book and running to the kitchen to make the recipes-it is inspiring. This is a great idea!