May 18, 2010

Tween Tuesday: Peter & the Starcatchers Series

I remember seeing the first Peter and the Starcatchers book at Costco years ago. My first thought, "what is Dave Barry doing writing a kid's book?" Followed by, "and Ridley Pearson? Is this even a kid's book?" This book was first published in 2004, pretty much during the height of the Harry Potter craze. It was also out before I went totally to young adult/middle grade reading (still do some adult books, but not many). So, it took awhile before I actually read the book.

Here's the thing, I remember thinking it was okay. As I read along, I wasn't in love with it, but also wasn't ready to stop reading it. And sometimes you just have to plow through until the end. I did and by the last page I was totally in love with it. When Molly's father does the one thing at the end that I had been wondering about, I was so excited! I re-read it several times because I loved that part so much. I was also so excited when the second one came out. Again, didn't love it the whole way through, but ended up really liking it. The third one I listened to the audio version. Jim Dale (of the Harry Potter audiobooks fame) does a spectacular job with these ones as well. I liked the third one much better than the second.

Now a fourth book is out, The Sword of Mercy. I haven't read it yet, but I love that we finally get to meet the Darling children, and it is on my summer reading list.

Anyway, for two authors such as Dave Barry (humor) and Ridley Pearson (mystery/thrillers) to take on a origin story like Peter Pan is very ambitious. They have to remember to put so many elements in and to explain all the magic that occurs. But they do a good job! I recommend these to strong readers all the time and very rarely have they not enjoyed the books. Imagine how thrilled I was to meet the illustrator of these books (see that story here)!

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  1. I just checked this out to try it since Jim Dale does the audiobooks. I love the Harry Potter books on audio and I'm glad to hear this are just as good. I can't wait to start reading (or listening) now!

  2. Wyatt loves this series, but I haven't had a chance to read it yet. One more for the list! :-)

  3. So happy I found your blog! Love the name!!

  4. WAAAA-HOOOOOOOOOO! I am so happy for you (and so totally jealous)! I can't wait to tell Wyatt. :-)

  5. My daughter read this series and really enjoyed them. I need to read at least the first one, so I can share them with my students. I think some would really like them.

    How cool to meet the illustrator! I always love those kind of things!

  6. I have enjoyed this series as well. It does take a bit to get into them though but it's worth it!

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