May 19, 2010

There Are Books for Adults?

About four years ago I just decided to quit fighting it and only read young adult/middle grade books. BUT, there are still a few adult authors I always read. In a fun twist, most of them are starting to write young adult/middle grade books. Like Peter Abrahams. I adore his mystery-thrillers and will always check out and read them. He has also written a series (Echo Falls) for upper middle grades (some light swearing that makes it more appropriate for seventh/eighth graders than fifth/sixth graders) about a girl names Ingrid who gets caught up in a few mysteries. I LOVE these books. He has also written two stand alone young adult books with male protagonists. The second one just came out and I can't wait to get my hands on it.

I also always read Charlene Harris, love Sookie. Love True Blood. Can't wait until she decides to take a stab at young adult novels. Wouldn't they be great?

Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum books are always on my list as well. Every summer when one comes out it is such a good relaxing diversion from whatever else I am reading. I get on the waiting list at the library for it months in advance.

Lisa Lutz writes books about the Spellman family. I haven't missed one of these yet.

Jennifer McMahon doesn't write a series, but her stand alones mysteries are always excellent. Same with Gillian Flynn (look how pretty she is--remind me of Blake Lively from Gossip Girl).

My problem with books for "adults" is that I have so many young adult/middle grade books I want to read I never get around to some of the good ones!

What about you? Is there an adult author you will read no matter what? What do you read if you feel the need to step away from young adult/middle grade for awhile?


  1. I feel ya :)
    You have a great little blog here. I LOVE the title, header, and simplicity.
    I found you through Heather Z.

  2. Yup! I always make time for anything written by Elizabeth Berg. If you have never read her books pick up Pull of the Moon. Every single woman should read it and it you do you'll understand exactly why I think that!