May 30, 2010

Smart Shopping

Ever since all of the libraries in the northwest part of my state joined forces in their online catalogs and I discovered I could get books from all over I kind of stopped buying books. Even when something I really wanted to read came out and it wasn't readily available it would show up within a few months. Sometimes I would end up buying one or two, but mostly just using my public library. Then earlier this month I was given a gift card to Borders and I became a Borders devotee again.

First of all, they totally re-did their children's and young adult sections. There is such a better selection and they have been getting new releases on the actual day, this has not been the case in the past. Anyway, I went to Borders with my gift card and was able to get:

The Enemy & By Royal Command both by Charlie Higson and both ones that I am so excited to read. I used a coupon I had and my teacher's discount card (even though I am reading them first, most of the hardbacks I buy end up in my library). I had a little bit left over so I bought Wings by E.D. Baker. I really wanted The Wide-Awake Princess by E.D. Baker but it was still hard back so I didn't get it, until the next week when I had a $5 off coupon. I went up and grabbed that one as well.

Then, wahoo, I got another gift card from my youth group as a thank you. I am so thrilled! I love checking books out, but there is something freeing about owing a book--I don't have to return anything by a certain date! I can take my time. Books are just the best.


  1. Anonymous3:46 PM

    I really love the library -- they normally have the book within a few months of publication. But I really do love book-shopping, too. Probably spent too much time doing it.

    Hope you'll enjoy the books!

  2. I was never really a Borders fun until last fall. It wasn't anything against them. It was just that Barnes and Noble was easier to get to. Well I stopped at Borders and became a Borders reward member and got their teacher discount! Love them now :) They may have a smaller selection but they are always friendly and the coupons rock. I just learned that I can use the coupon off of my cell phone, so I don't even need to print them out! Love that too :)

  3. Jill, our Borders used to have a terrible kid's section. (I don't live near a Barnes & Noble). It was alwasy so frustrating. Now it is much better and I even got another coupon today so I will be back up tomorrow!

  4. We need a Netflix for books cuz the library rocks but I always owe fines for late books!