May 30, 2010

The Red Pyramid

3 cookies.

I finished. I was disappointed. There was a very slow middle but good action at the end. I really did not like the chapters alternating between Sadie and Carter. I would just be into one voice and it would switch. I wish there was more consistency. I don't mind that there were two main characters, but I think I would have liked the story had been told from just one of them. I also really disliked when one would be telling the story and they'd "interrupt" it to say soemthing to each other.

BUT, that is just my opinion. My son said that one of his friends thinks it is better than Percy 's Jackson, and most of the middle grade readers I know have loved it. So, the story certainly fits it's audience.


  1. You have an award! Come get.

  2. It's funny because every adult that's read this wasn't completely sold on it, but every kid I talk to loved it. My daughter (11 years old) loved it. She really like the narration and the fact they cut in on each other. Another student said the same. I guess if kids love it that's what matters. I'll be reading it this summer to see for myself.

  3. That is funny! I always try and remember that when I read books. I love YA/MG as an adult, but ultimately those books are not being written for me.

  4. It's taking me a long time to get through this one, but like Jill said, the readers I've talked to who have read it have really enjoyed it.