May 21, 2010

Push on Through or Stop?

On Tween Tuesday I wrote about how I had to really push through while reading Peter and the Starcatchers and was so glad I did because by the end it had become one of my favorite books. I reamember that also happening in college when I was reading Pat Conroy's The Lords of Discipline. I really had to push through and finish it, but by the end I loved it.

Lately my rule has been 100 pages. If I read 100 pages and am still not in love with what I am reading I will quit. What about you, do you ahve a rule for when to stop? What books have you pushed through and finished and been really glad you did?

John Grisham has written a middle grade book. It's called Theodore Boone, Kid Lawyer and comes out next week. I am really excited to read it. But, I wish the title didn't have "kid lawyer" after the name. But it kind of fits my publishing trend post from earlier and the ole adult authors writing for kids trend as well.

This week I bought the new Young James Bond book By Royal Command by Charlie Higson. I LOVE these books. I have written about them several times here. The thing is, I didn't love the first one. It probably is the weakest of all of them. One of the things I love is that the time they are written in is the 30's so there is no gadgets for James. He just survives his "adventures" by his wits.

Don't you hate it when you enjoy a series that is always published in Great Britain first, then you have to wait months or even a year until the book is out here? That is always the case with the Young Bond books and with Patrick Ness' Chaos Walking books (I cannot wait until Monsters of Men is out here). Charlie Higson also wrote a young adult zombie-type book called The Enemy that I bought as well.

Right now my shelve at home are full of: 1) books I have bought in the last few weeks; 2) ARCs I have recieved in teh past month or so and 3) books from the library I am currently working at. I have to get those read this summer before I move up to the middle school. I need to stay the course and not add anything new for awhile! (but, oh, there are a lot of good ones coming out this summer!).


  1. Hmmm...if you're feeling like you're book drowning over there, Ms. Warnell, I know a boy and his mom who could help out! Ha ha ha. Great post! :-)

  2. I understand the book shelf issues. I have quite a few titles I have to take back to school to inventory then bring back and read this summer!! Seems crazy. Eventually we will work our way through the stacks.

  3. I have been going by the 100 page rule personally for some time now. Either I am interested or not by that point. And try to make every effort to make it to the 100 mark even if I am struggling, just to try and give it a fair shake. But I will admit, that my 'too-read' pile is always growing and it is difficult to justify dragging on something for too long when so many awesome books are just waiting to be opened...

  4. Did you get to Theadore Boone Kid Lawyer yet? We picked it up and it is a good light read, not too heavy, not too engrossing but that was just what we were looking for! My son just racked up 409 AR points (fifth grade) and was looking for an simple but enjoyable read after the marathon he just went through! I read it as well and on a one to ten I'd give it a good solid 6. Fairly interesting plot, even writing. . . not a fan of the end though - clearly this is meant as the first in a series.