Feb 5, 2010

Percy Jackson Movie & Fifth Grade Whiners

Today I was showing my fifth graders these clips from the upcoming Percy Jackson and the Olympians movie. These poor, poor children. They get to realize very soon that Hollywood does not always follow the book. I had two standing in front of my desk whining about how Annabeth's hair is not blonde and how Percy didn't have that good of control over water until later in the series and how Medusa is supposed to be ugly when her hair is snakes, and on and on. I had to say, "Look, go into it as if you've never read the book. Will it be a good, action packed movie? Probably, it certainly looks that way in the previews. Then you can come out saying that was a good movie and there is also a good book. Don't compare them." I have had several dozens of years to come up with that philosophy because I love movies.

I mean look at Twilight, you have a movie that was pretty faithful to the book and it sucked. (doesn't it make you wonder why they didn't spend more money on Twilight? I mean it has sold way more books than Percy, but it looks like they spent way more money on Percy.)

All in all, it was a very entertaining half hour. I look forward to having a discussion about it when they finally see the movie. And also, Wimpy Kid? How's that going to translate? Good thing they are learning these life lessons now!!

(This site has more clips & cast interviews.)


  1. I have students so excited to see Percy's movie! Doing that compare and contrast thing with books and movies is such a good life lesson, I agree.

  2. Love this! I just read the book in prep for the movie. From the previews I can tell it's gonna be pretty different. I get that, but I love hearing what the kids have to say about it.