Feb 16, 2010

Fellow Librarians

Do you find yourself--when a new shipment of books has come in that contains a few that you really want to read--checking them out to yourself and then leaving them at your house for months on end, simply because you don't trust that if they get checked out, they will come back to you?

I have a stack of such books at home and know I need to bring them back, but am having a hard time doing so!

In other news, one of my books finally made the countdown, Henry Huggins. Yay! Read all about my live for Henry here. I am surprised at the number of books on the list I haven't read. A few are on my to-read list (Gone Away Lake, A Long Way From Chicago) and some I have added to my to-read list, but a few I haven't read and probably won't read. It's fun seeing the list everyday, and we still have over 50 to go!!

1 comment:

  1. Yes, I do stockpile some of the new ones for me to read first. And then because I am the one in charge of overdues, etc., they get pushed back to the bottom of the pile and take up residence in a crate in my house. I have a stack that needs to go back to school as well!