Feb 24, 2010

Countdown Update

Yesterday one of my books made the list...The Penderwicks. Check out this Tween Tuesday post on my love for The Penderwicks. Today, Ramona the Pest made the list. I am so glad this one is on there, but to be honest I expected it to be a little higher. Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing also made the list and as I sit and type this a high first grade reader is reading this with one of our tutors. I always recommend this one for kids who love funny books. Of the 59 books listed so far I have read 38. Two of them on the list I have had in my to-read pile for a year now (Gone Away Lake and The Wolve of Willoughby Chase). Guess I gotta get on that!!

Oh, and I am closing in on my 200th post and I am up to 7 followers. I guess I need to plan a giveaway for that 200th post and maybe something for, what 25 followers? More on this later...

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