Feb 11, 2010


The cover and title for the third Hunger Games books has been revealed. Check it out here. It think it looks really good and I like that the blue color is a more calm color than the black and orangish-red of the first two. It is more a color of hope.

Still none of my books have made it onto Fuse#8 top 100. But, honestly, it is early on in the countdown. One book made today's list that I am so thrilled about. All-of-a-Kind Family by Sydney Taylor has been one of my favorites for years. I always recommend it for praents who seem to like "old-fashioned" books for their young, girl readers, and they always enjoy it. I first discovered this book when I was visiting my grandma one summer in Scobey Montana. I got myself a library card while I was there because I didn't really have any friends (it is a super tiny town and although I am related to half of the population there, there were no cousins my own age. And teh one girl I was pretty good friends with lived way out of town). As a result I spent the whole week or two riding my bike, reading or playing cards with my grandma and her friends. I discovered this series and loved the first book so much I contemplated "stealing" it when I left. I didn't, of course, but have read it several times since then. I was delighted to see taht so many other people hold a fond place for this book in their hearts as well. I might just have to re-read it again soon.

Lastly, I was awarded a blog award! It was actually awarded to my library blog. Check it out here. I feel very manly!

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