Jan 14, 2010

The Kane Chronicles

Here's why I am so excited for The Red Pyramid the first book in the Kane Chronicles by Rick Riordan.

1. Check out this cool trailer that was made just to present the cover.

2. The main character's name is Carter. So is my son. Crazy connection and since I have just gotten him interested in the Percy books (well, me and the girl he has a crush on--she gushed about them, then we listened to the first one on our vacation, now he is reading the second one).

3. I love that Rick Riordan is trying a new series but using a proven formula. Egyptian gods! I think this will work for him. I don't think all authors could get away with this, but he uses lots of action and just enough history/mythology that it is a learning experience for the reader.

I will be at my bookstore on the fourth of May to pick up my personal copy and a copy for my library. Can't wait!!

(luckily there are several other new releases to look forward to between now & then!)

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