Dec 15, 2009

Tween Tuesday--Warriors

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I am not a fan of animal books. For some reason I just can never get into them. Catwings was fine, I did love Rabbit Hill, but on a whole I don't read them. So it bothers me that one of the most checked out series in my library is the Warriors series. It bothers me because I have yet to read a single one...they are about cats for crying out loud! But the kids love them.

There are several series under the Warriors label, check out the titles here. Erin Hunter, the author of these books is actually three separate women, one plots out the stories and keeps them consistent and two do the actual writing. I do not know how good these are but I do know that I can barely keep them in...they are the third most circulated series (behind Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Captain Underpants) in my library. And, here's what drives me nuts, some of the kids will read them out of order, they just want to stay in the Warriors world!

I have asked several kids over the years why they like them and most cannot tell me exactly why, they just do. But, I think they are full of action and if you do like animal stories, these just might be the ones for you, or your tween reader.


  1. Yeah, my teens and tweens don't really give me an answer as to why they like these books either-they just love them! I tried reading one for my lit class and couldn't really get into it, but I might try again.

  2. My daughter (5th grader) loves these books as do many of my 7th graders. Glad they're out there!

  3. My students really enjoy these, too, but like you I just can't make myself read a book with talking cats. Maybe someday.