Nov 20, 2009

Lois Lowry: Looking Back: a Book of Memories

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This is one of those treasures I didn't even know existed. I have always enjoyed Lois Lowry books, loved The Giver and it's two sequels, and All About Sam was one chapter book I read to my class every year I taught kindergarten. Her first book, A Summer to Die was the most moving book that I remember reading in elementary school. In fact, it stuck with me so much that years later when my son had a nosebleed that wouldn't quit (although both of my sons have had chronic nosebleeds mostly due to the dryness of the climate where we live) I immediately remembered the scene in that book where the older sister had a nosebleed that wouldn't quit and it turned out to be cancer. Needless to say I rushed my son to the doctor! Anyway, I don't think I ever thought much about her as a person.

Now, I love her.

Seriously, this book was so incredible. I laughed and I cried. She took pictures from her life and wrote about what she remembered about the picture and the time it was taken. She also adds passages from her many, many books, which really proves that you can write about what you know. This is a funny, funny book. She had a good childhood (I had just finished Stitches, David Small did not have a good childhood so this was refreshing), but has had her hardships. It was just a protrait of a very interesting person who had a pretty normal life. She also has a blog that reads much like her book, pictures of her life and what's going on. If I ever get the chance to hear her speak, I will not let it go by. And, now I have to make sure I have read all her books! Also, I am buying this book for personal collection because I could see myself re-reading this every year.

(I am also going to have my son read it because he has to read a biography about a female and this is such a quick, (mostly) funny read. I think he'll actually really enjoy it).

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  1. I love Lois Lowry's books as well. I should put this on my wish list. Great review!