Oct 14, 2009

What to Read...

I am finding it hard to really get into a book lately. I think my brain is on pause until I get Fire, which could be a few weeks yet since I am not buying it but checking it out and I am not sure where my name is on the Holds list for it (I am hoping that my friend who is buying it will read it quick when she gets it and then pass it along to me). Anyway, my currently reading shelf on Good Reads is varied and I am not that into any of the books on there (except Dog Days, but I can only read that at night when my son has let it out of his site because he is sleeping).

I am listening to Magyk by Angie Sage which is another one of those that I have been meaning to read, but have never gotten into, although I am really enjoying the audio.

I want to finish Jake Ransom and the Skull King's Shadow because it looks like it would be such a good read for the kids in my school. It's just hard because when I put it down, I don't find the desire to pick it up again! I do plan to muddle through, though.

The Thirteenth Child is one that has been getting good reviews and it started out good, I just have to find time to pick it up again.

All in all my great Library Reading Month plan has not panned out. I still have my list and just plan to read one or two off that list each month. That should work, ya think?

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