Sep 10, 2009


I am having a hard time getting into The Spectacular Now. And I am about halfway into it. It just seems like more of the same, over and over. Yes, Sutter needs to grow up, and yes his friends are recognizing that, but every chapter, every page it's the same thing. He thinks change isn't worth it and he is obviously an alcoholic but would be the last one to admit that. You know, part of my problem it that I was so far away from this kind of person in high school that I can't really relate to them. Even Aimee, who I guess I was more like, minus the nerdy part, I can't relate to because I never would have been attracted to someone like Sutter. So, do I follow my 100 page rule...I have read over 100 pages and am still not into it. Do I keep going or dump it?

I do have plenty to take it's place...

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