Sep 2, 2009

So Many Books...

I was going to make September "Library Reading Month" because the stack of books from my library that I brought home to read over the summer never got read! But now, I keep coming across new releases and other books with stellar reviews and books that I think I'd like to order so I check them out and so on and so forth.... My stack of "non library" books is growing! AND fall TV starts next week! So this labor day weekend I am going to read:

Hurricane Gold: fourth in the Young Bond series. I am a tinge over halfway done so I think I can get it done before the weekend...but I am really tired.

Dismantled: a grown up book by an author I really like (her debit novel Promise Not To Tell is great). I might not be in the mind set for a grown up book but she's been easy to read in the past and it is a 10-day book.

Alvin Ho: a book that I have heard is very funny and good for younger boys. I am going to read this so that when I do order it for my library I can recommend it wholeheartedly!

Lunch Lady and the Cyborg Substitute: I checked this out to see what I thought for my library (I haven't made the plunge into graphic novels yet) and Carter read it tonight. He enjoyed it and said it was like Captain Underpants. So, I will read it and probably order it for my library! (Of course the one I really should be reading is this.)

If I get done with these (fingers crossed) I can finish The Wizard Heir!

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