Sep 30, 2009

More Books into Movies

My greatest fear for Where the Wild Things Are is that it will be more for adults than kids. My son, Max (no coincidence--he was named for the book), is so excited for this movie...I don't want him to be disappointed. Although, he will probably love it just for the look of it, because it looks amazing.

One of the things I have in my library are movie posters of books into movies (except the two Transformer posters I have because they are just awesome, and the Star Trek poster because that was a gift and it features Chris Pine). There is one kid in my school that has told me I must put up a Diary of a Wimpy Kid poster as soon as they are available. And with a picture of the kid playing Greg (as Greg) hitting the internet yesterday I decided to look up the rest of the cast. First thoughts, Steve Zahn as the dad...PERFECT! He will be great. And although I don't know him, the kid that has been cast as Rodrick just looks like a tormentor. Don't you think? I have high hopes that this will be as funny as the books in its own way.

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