Jul 15, 2009

The Perfect Storm....of Books

I have been listening to and really enjoying City of Ashes. It is the middle of a trilogy called The Mortal Instruments. In fact, I am not getting anything else read because I am so into listening to this (I tried to buy to check out a copy to get it done with quicker, but seriously, there was none to be had in my whole town). Anyway, the third one is in at the library...BUT, I also got the fourth Young Bond book in the mail today and I am really excited to read it because I liked the third one so much...BUT When You Reach Me, a book with tremendous buzz, is arriving at my house any time now. I have been excited to read this since May. What to do?!?!

7/17: Oh, and my 10 day only copy of the fifteenth Stephanie Plum book came to the library today. I guess this actually answers my dilemma since I have to finish this one first!

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