Sep 29, 2008


Normally this is a slow reading month for me because I am starting school and the boys are starting their fall sports and Scott is coaching soccer and all the new TV starts, but for some reason (new job perhaps?) I have found that I am reading, tons (probably because now I actually get paid to read). Anyway, here are some of the highlights of my September reading experience:

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins:

I decided to read this after Stephen King raved about it in Entertainment Weekly. I was able to get it from the library right away and DEVOURED it. I couldn't put it down. Then each morning I would tell the boys about the story on the way to school and they were equally engrossed in what was happening. My only disappointment is that it is the first book in a series and I am ticked off that I have to wait. Truth be told I am glad it is a series because the author can go so far with this story. I am going to read her other series: The Underland Chronicles now because I liked this one so much.

Identical by Ellen Hopkins:

When I picked this one up from the library I immediately thought I would not read it. Often I put books on hold after browsing Amazon, so I have never actually seen the book. It was written in verse and I right away thought I wouldn't like it. But, I read the first few pages. I COULD NOT STOP. It was easy to read, even with it being in verse, and quick. And really interesting. And disturbing. Very young adultish. It makes me want to read some of th author's other books, but I am going to wait beause I have so many others to read and it is hard to be in such a disturbing world for very long. (One of her novels, Crank, is actually based on her daughter).

The 39 Clues: The Maze of Bones by Rick Riordan:

Interesting start to a 10 book series, all written by different authors. I am waiting for Carter to finish it so we can have a book club dinner. I bought a set of cards when I bought the book and that is what caught Carter's attention, but the story is keeping him interested. I like that there was a lot of history in the story. I am not sure I will get to into trying to figure out the 30 Clues, but I am looking forward to continuing on with the story.

Puddlejumpers by Mark Jean & Christopher Carlson

I really enjoyed this book. Good fantasy and satisfying ending. I think that several of my readers would enjoy this one.

100 Cupboards by N.D. Wilson

I really enjoyed this but when I gave it to my 6th grade reading buddy who almost always likes the books I giv ehim, he didn't even finish it. He really didn't like it. Oh well!

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