May 2, 2008

So Cool

I don't often write about pictures books, yet, but I found such a cool site. I realize I might be coming a little late to the party, but I just found lookybook. Where have I been. At any rate, I found it now. I did a few of them for my kindergartners (they watched on the smartboard while I read from my computer--if I stood in the front there was a shadow and they couldn't see well). I am just in love. Here's a totally adorable book from there called Alphabeasts (if you click on the eyes in the corner you can be redirected to a big version on the website--you do not have to register but if you do you can set up a bookshelf of favorites and registration is free).

Secondly is Tumble Books. I have been doing this one with my kinders since we got our smartboard. Wonderful!! If you click on the tumblebooks icon on this page you can access all the books without paying because that library has a license for it. At tumble books, books are read to the kids.

Lastly, my favorite spring book. If you are open to being a little sadistic you will enjoy this book. It's hysterical and I always read it to my kinders. They LOVE it and needless to say it is one of Max's FAVORITES!!

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