Apr 18, 2008

Book Club

We had our second book club meeting on Wednesday night. Carter wanted to go to Subway for a pizza sub. We discussed The Nixie's Song, which he has liked better than the original Spiderwick books. I think that is because he read The Nixie's Song after we had seen The Spiderwick movie and then started the original Spiderwick Chronicles after he had read The Nixie's Song. We are both looking forward to the second book to come out in September and agree that Nicholas' brother Jules will probably have a bigger part in the next book.

Our next book club book is The Lightning Thief which I have been so excited for Carter to read. He is four chapters in and asking me questions that I am not sure about because it has been two years since I read it. Guess I need to start catching up. I might load the audiobook onto my ipod for our soccer trip this weekend! I did preorder The Battle of the Labryinth from Borders. Too bad they didn't have that option for The Penderwicks on Gardam Street which I still haven't gotten. I will just have to finish The Tiger's Egg. I love Miles Wednesday and Little.

Cool section on Amazon: Summer Reading Preview.

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