Feb 28, 2008

The Birthday Room

I read The Birthday Room by Kevin Henkes this week. I really liked it, but couldn't say I loved it. Kevin Henkes is best known for his picture books, which are awesome. This was the first novel of his that I have read but I think that I will try Olive's Ocean sometime, probably this summer.

Carter and I had a discussion last night about why the school makes him read certain books that he is not at all interested in and they grade on that. The bone of contention was Sign of the Beaver, which he is reading as a novel study in fourth grade. He had forgotten the book at school and the school was locked so we ran to the public library to check it out so he could get his chapters read and his homework done. I read to him some of the chapters and my mom read the rest. This was good because he probably wouldn't have gotten it all read if I hadn't. So anyway, I think that if he is doing his at home reading assignments and reading books he likes and just READING, I am okay with reading to him his assignments, or even getting them on CD from the library and putting them on his ipod. It's a problem that happens a lot!

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