Feb 9, 2018

Movies From Books I Am So Excited To See

I know most true readers do not love when their favorite books are turned into movies. I am not one of those people. Mostly that is because I love with three people who do not love reading (and will proudly tell you that, although I am holding out hope that my youngest son will decide he likes it...).
So when a book I love is being turned into a movie I get excited to share the story with the people I love.  Here are three I cannot wait for and I think I can get someone in my family to go with me to each of them. One of my favorite memories was when my oldest son went with me to The Duff, I think he was 16. He wasn't embarrassed to be with his mom, even when a big group of younger teens came into the theater, and he totally loved the movie. I think either of my sons will go to Love, Simon and Every Day with me.

Simon is my favorite. I have read this book probably four times since the first time and then flipped through to my favorite parts several other times. From the looks of the previews I think they are trying to be really faithful to the story. But what will make or break this is the actor playing Simon, he totally has to make you want to be his best friend. If you have not read this, please do before the movie comes out, you won't be sorry! (They have renamed this to Love, Simon for the movie title)

I just finished reading Every Day. When I got a copy of this book before it came out, it just didn't interest me. It sounded kind of confusing. It wasn't until I saw the preview for the upcoming movie that the whole premise made sense. I knew it would be popular in my library so I bought a few copies and picked one up as soon as they came in. One day later I had it finished and just loved it. So excited for this movie, it looks like they have done a great job adapting it for the screen.

This is one of my all time favorite books, I just love it. And I have gotten several other people to read it who have also loved it. and this is the movie I am most nervous about. My husband and sons will go with me to this one, and if it's not as good as I hope then I will be disappointed. Already the previews are not the best, the AR world is not at all like I imagined it. But the author helped a lot on the screenplay and Steven Spielberg is directing it, so I am very willing to give it a chance.

What upcoming book adaptions are you looking forward to this year?

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