Apr 19, 2017

Obsessing Over #8: The Song from Somewhere Else by AF Harrold

This book caught my eye when I was prepping book orders for this fall.  It comes out this summer and I have already preordered my copy.  I think it sounds so amazing!  I am not sure what appealed to me the most, but since I read the synopsis it's become one I can't stop thinking about!  Here's the synopsis from GoodReads:

Frank thought her summer couldn't get any worse--until big, weird, smelly Nick Underbridge rescues her from a bully, and she winds up at his house.

Frank quickly realizes there's more to Nick than meets the eye. When she's at his house, she hears the strangest, most beautiful music, music which leads her to a mysterious, hidden door. Beyond the door are amazing creatures that she never even dreamed could be real. For the first time in forever, Frank feels happy . . . and she and Nick start to become friends.

But Nick's incredible secrets are also accompanied by great danger. Frank must figure out how to help her new friend, the same way that he has helped her.

Paired with gorgeous black-and-white illustrations from Levi Pinfold, acclaimed author A. F. Harrold weaves a powerful story about unlikely friendship, strange magic, and keeping the shadows at bay.

And yes, I am back. There are a couple of reasons for this that I will get into in a future post. I am not sure how steady I will be but, I just want to share my love of books with everyone and that's what it is all about!

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  1. The premise sounds really interesting. Glad to see you're blogging when the mood strikes.