Jan 15, 2016

The Hunt for Books

Lately I feel like I am back in high school.

I was the type in high school that loved to flirt and loved to have crushes and loved the hunt.  But shortly after the object of my affection started paying attention to me, my interest would wane.  And I would slowly back away and move on to someone else.  This cycle repeated itself a lot.

And I feel that's what is happening with books a lot lately.

I really wanted you, book.  I coveted you! I flirted online and obsessed and finally, finally you came around to me.  But now, I think that other book I just got might be better. It's not that I don't like you, book, or am not interested, it's just that this one might be better.

It's driving me nuts.  I am into two perfectly good books, Homecoming and My Diary at the Edge of the World.  I like them both and read for a good chunk of time whenever I pick one of them up.

But this week I got Sweet Home Alaska in the mail (for an upcoming blog tour) and Welcome to Nightvale from the library.  They both look so good!  They just might be better books...

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