Jan 5, 2016

2015 Reading Challenges Recap

I set a few reading challenges for myself in 2015 (check out the post here).
Here is how I did:

I challenged myself to read 75 books but I only got to 66.  I am okay with this because I hit a huge slump in the fall.  I was on a good pace during most of the year, but in November and some of December I had a hard time finishing a book!  But, I read more than 2014 (54) and feel really good about getting over 65.

I wanted to read 20 middle grade books but only read 12 that I classified as middle grade.  I should've done better with this so I will keep that challenge for next year.  There are A LOT of middle grade books I want to read!

I was hoping to read 10 "new to me author" books.  I got to 20 with this challenge.  Pat on the back!

I wanted to "re-read" 10 books. I don't think I re-read one book this year!  Pathetic!

Lastly I wanted to read 20 books from my library collection.  I got up to 18.  The problem is that some of the ones I read before they became part of my school collection (I read the ARC then bought the copies for school).  I know when I put that goal up there I wanted to read 20 books that were already on the shelf, but I think this works anyway.

I also added some new features to my blog that I am pretty pleased about--added to the list, obsessing over and weekend reading--along with using more tags.

I will be posting soon about my 2016 reading challenges!

How were you with your reading goals for the year? 

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  1. I exceeded my Goodreads goal of 100 books in 2015, ending up with 120. I also feel pretty good about the number of books nominated for the Cybils that I was able to read. Plus, there were lots of new to me authors. I also participated in a Classic Reading Challenge and added 9 books from there. Happy New Year and reading Jana