Dec 7, 2015

Added to the List #19

I got some great looking books from the Simon & Schuster Education and Library Marketing Department.  So exciting to open this box and see all the amazing books they sent me.  Here are my first reactions:

1.  Valkyrie by Kate O'Hearn:  I am going to give this to one of my students to try because she loves Kate O'Hearn's Pegasus series.  I will be ordering this for my library for sure!

2.  Shades of Darkness by A.R. Kahler:  I always love a book that takes place at boarding school!!  This one has a murder and some mystery and maybe supernatural elements.

3.  Other Broken Things by Christa Desir:  I think this one is at the top my list.  It just seems so interesting and real and a little disturbing.  I also think this is an issue a lot of teens grapple with, not only admitting they have a problem and getting help, but being dumped by friends who only want the "party girl."

4.  Bounders by Monica Tesler:  I already have this one on my spring order.  It looks like a fun read and I think it will be big with middle schoolers!

5.  The Case of the Missing Tiger's Eye by Walker Styles:  Another one I already had on my spring order.  I think my younger middle schoolers will enjoy this one.

6.  Hot Pterodactyl Boyfriend by Alan Cumyn:  I am not too sure about this one, but I do think it might be funny.  Very weird concept but I think that is what might make it a more interesting read.

7.  OCDaniel by Wesley King:  This one came to my attention awhile ago, so I was happy to get a physical copy.  Looks like a good coming of age, overcoming type story, with a boy as the main character.

8.  We are the Ants by Shaun David Hutchinson:  I think this one looks like such a good read because the idea of holding the fate of the world in the hands of a teenager is so scary.  They are so emotional!  I bet that's how the idea for this one came about, dealing with emotional teens.

9.  The Year We Fell Apart by Emily Martin:  This one looks like a good contemporary romance, but not a light-hearted one.  Some heavy issues here I think.

10.  Under Their Skin by Margaret Peterson Haddix:  Always one of my favorite middle grade authors.  I was super excited to get this one, very excited to see a new series from Haddix!

11. Impostor Queen by Sarah Fine:  I hadn't heard of this one until I got this copy.  Looks like a good fantasy!

12.  The Way I Used to Be by Amber Smith:  Dealing with date rape, this one looks very powerful.  Again something I think a lot of girls deal with without a lot of help.

Thanks so much for the awesome box of books Simon & Schuster Education and Library Marketing team, you are amazing!

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