Jan 13, 2015

YA Romance

I adore young adult contemporary romance novels.  They are my candy--I can read through those so fast, I just love them.  And I normally completely buy into the romance.  It doesn't matter to me that they are in high school, and sometimes early high school, if the characters are written well and them chemistry is strong, I buy into it.  I rarely think to myself, "they are too young!"

However, my son is almost 17.  That is around the age that a lot of the characters in these teen romances are when they fall in love.  I look at my son and think, "That's too young!"  But I don't think it when I am reading the books.

It's a weird double standard I have going on.

(For the record, my son is a junior, very cute (at least according to me), kindhearted and very much in love with his first girlfriend.  It's too young!!)

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  1. Ahh, but weren't we all in love at that age. I bet our parents thought the same thing :)