Nov 19, 2014

New Pens

So this is off topic from books, but because most book lovers are also writers at heart (even if it's just journals or list making) and writers love pens I have to share my new pens with you!
There are the prettiest, best pens I have had in a long time.  I first saw them on instagram and quickly tracked down a place I could buy them (  And now look-- I have five of them! You get free ink refills with each one you order.  They come in black ink but if you ask when you order they will send you blue ink refills.  So I have some in blue and some in black!
Look how nicely they match my notebooks!

The other day I brought one out to use at school and a girl commented on it.  So then I pulled out all five and I had a whole row of middle school girls gasp at their loveliness!  I am going to have keep an eye on them so none of them disappear from my desk.  (Actually right now I tote them back and forth because I don't want to leave them at school).

You can buy your own pen gems here:

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  1. These are so pretty, can't wait to get mine and try them out :) I love her free/low shipping, too!! Makes it easier just to keep ordering more colors ;D