Oct 10, 2014

Truths About Book Blogging

I have been around book blogging for a long time.  I started this one in 2006, but didn't post really regularly until about 5 years ago.  It still ebbs and flows, but I have also seen a lot of blogs come and go during that time.  If you are starting one or thinking of starting one here are some things to think about.  (I have done a post like this before but not for awhile and I have more!)

I started mine as a way to keep track of what I read.  Seriously, when I started it was just a list of books.  Then I discovered the world of book blogging and decided to up my content a bit.  When you are first getting started try and post four to five times a week.  Seriously, if you have something new everyday on someone's feed they are more likely to check one or two of them out.

Page views and followers are important but NOT VITAL.  I know my blog itself doesn't get tons of views, but I have some loyal readers.  I do promote myself and my blog a bunch, but still not as much as I could.  I tweet my posts and send links to publishers.  I should start just a blog instagram but I haven't, I have a personal one that I use to post about books and a library one.  I truly feel like promotion is key.  If a publisher gets you a book do what you can to get the word out about that book. 

(Just so you know, I know that I get a lot more privileges because I am also a middle school librarian, so if I had ever felt like I wasn't getting the word out enough I would have done more.)

You will probably get ARCs, but it might take a long time.  I am at the point now were I get ARCs and finished books in the mail a lot.  Not everyday or every week but more than I need.  This is something I struggled with because I want to read and review everything I get but I still have books in my school collection and just others that catch my interest.  So my rule of thumb is if I request it and get a copy, I read and review it.  On both my Edelweiss and NetGalley profiles I am very upfront about letting publishers know I might not get them read, but I like to "flip" through every egalley I get approved for so I can see if it would be right for my library and the ages of kids I work with.

Sometimes I get surprise books and I don't feel as bad about not reviewing those.  But I normally do a post about getting them (some call it Staking the Shelves, some call it In My Mailbox, I call mine Added to the List) and a thank you tweet to the publisher or person who sent it my way.

It can be overwhelming and a lot of work.  I went through a time where I posted something every day.  I tried a lot of different things to see if they would catch on, and sometimes they would, sometimes they wouldn't.  I am just not the type to go and comment on other people's blogs for the sake of commenting or to get them to come and comment on mine.  I also don't follow blogs anymore unless I really like them.  I also take breaks.  This has become more important as my life has gotten busier.

There was a time when I wold see a new book blog pop up everyday.  I am a little out of touch with that part so I don't know if that is the case anymore but I know that if you have just started know that it takes time and patience.  Enjoy telling people about awesome books and have fun with blogging! 

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