Oct 8, 2014

Sometimes When I Open a Surprise Package I Gasp

It happened to me last week.  I got a package that was obviously books so I was very excited to open it.  The return address was from Penguin, and since I hadn't requested anything from Penguin this was truly a surprise book.  When I opened it I GASPED. Inside were two Nancy Drew books:
  (this picture does not do them justice--go here and here to check them out)

You may recall that in August I had raved about the new Nancy Drew covers that I had spied at Target.  I was also depressed because my Target only had the first two and I knew there were four.  I wrote that post and them emailed a contact I had used at Penguin before.  I just wanted them to know that these new covers did exactly what they were meant to do--catch someone's eye enough to have them buy them and want to read them again (I think the last time I read Nancy Drew was fourth grade).  

In the package with the two new Nancy Drew books was a lovely letter from the book designer Mallory Grigg.  I think being a book designer would be one of the best jobs around.  And from what I can tell, Mallory has got it down!  The illustration was done by Sabrina Gabrielli whose work you can check out here.

It was so sweet of Mallory to take the time to write me and so amazing of her to send me the two books I was missing from this new set of Nancy Drew books.  And she let me know they are also doing books 5-8 and they will be published next fall!  (Can you imagine getting an assignment like redesigning such iconic books?  I bet she was so excited and so very nervous.)

So, thank you so much Mallory, for the books, the nice letter and for your beautiful, inspiring work!


  1. So jealous!!!!! I'm honestly thinking about buying these to read just because I love the covers so much!

    1. I seriously gasped. I cannot wait to see the news one they do next fall!

  2. that's so sweet!!